Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Updates from the road during "Badwater"

Modern conveniences. What modern conveniences? Cell phone coverage and internet connections are unavailable in Death Valley. Nevertheless, we hope to post updates on this blog as to how I am doing during the race. There may simply be fewer of them than we'd like. On Tuesday, part of my great support crew will be taking a break in Lone Pine, CA, at the base of Mt. Whitney--many hours before my feet get me there. In Lone Pine we can reconnect to the world! Updates will be posted to this blog then for sure, although we still hope to figure out a way to post info earlier. The official "Badwater" website,, will also post times as runners pass through each of the five (5) checkpoints along the route.

Please check-out this blogsite from time to time to see if we have figured out the technology--and to see how the race plan is going. I have 60 hours to complete "Badwater". A finish within 48 hours earns the coveted Badwater Ultramarathon belt buckle. I hope to finish in an aggressive time of 40 hours. Since the race starts on Monday, the 14th, we'll find out soon enough just how realistic that wll be!

Thanks for the support,


Bob Gentile said...

Hey Bob, Well the BIG Dance is Finally here!!

You trained hard and you are ready! I Look forward to following you along and cheering for you as I track your progress on the Badwater site...

Kick ass bob :-)

Get that 40 hours, you can do it!!

latorsoft said...

Bob, I wish you the best. I am sure all your training will pay off and you'll do great!!
I'll pray for cool weather ;)
I'm bookmarking this site and will be cheking your progress as you along.

Bruce Plotkin said...

Go Bob, go! we'll be thinking of you, as we sit by the pool (if we had one) drinking our long island ice teas (or whatever). Cheering you on all the time.Best of luck. hope to catch up soon.
love, liz and bruce

ZAIDIE said...

Hey Bob - just got thru' talking with you and then I spotted this blog - again, best of luck and I won't use the old show biz expression this time of 'break a leg!)...Go get 'em, oh amazing guy......Uncle Sid and Aunt Evelyn

seamore44 said...

You can bet I'll be keeping track of this special event. You are such an inspiration and I've been telling all of my friends about your accomplishment of participating in this year's race. When you are out there and you have to "dig really deep" to find the motivation to go on...remember that because of your incredible fortitude you have positively effected so many lives; in a wonderful way!

Bob Gentile said...

go bob go you moving up great ---now at 32nd place at mile mark 90 ...KEEP MOVING !!!!

Anonymous said...

Bob, I've been following your progress from the air conditioned lab here in Ft Lauderdale. You're doing GREAT!!