Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update from Day Two!

The 31st Badwater Ultramarathon started yeswterday at Badwater, Death Valley, when 79 of the world's top ultradistance runners set off in conditions that favor fast overall times, with a slight tailwind and an expected high of 111F in Furnace Creek.

Bob started at 8:00am and quickly made Furnace Creek's 17 mile mark in 3 hours and 36 minutes. The next 7 hours put him 41 miles in at Stove Pipe Wells for a time clocked in at 10:26.

The next challenge was called Townes Pass (4956’), Mile 58.7 with a long ascent, then long descent, followed by approx. 12 long straight miles. It’s a steep and narrow road where vehicles, crews, and runners must be cautious and extra aware of the traffic. At 21:03 into the race, Bob acheived the 72 mile marker at Panamint Springs. GO BOB!!

At this point, he is at a high altitude and almost a full 24 hours into the race as the road continues to rise to 5000’ over rolling hills, then eventually descends into the Owen’s Valley. Bob made the next marker, Darwin at 27:06. He is now heading into Lone Pine and the last 40 mile stretch to the end. We may hear an update from Bob's crew later at this point and more details of how he is feeling!! We are routing you on Bob!

At Mile 122.2 Lone Pine offers the weary runner and crew all the amenities of a real town: fast food, pizza, restaurants, motels, gas stations, grocery stores, and more. Turn left onto the Whitney Portal Road to begin the final leg, the longest and steepest climb of the race. Temperatures will steadily decrease. They are prepared with extra layers of clothing and rain gear the final few miles.

Until then, we send the florida energy to you!!
...over and out from friend Helene & Todd in South Florida!

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