Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Did we ever doubt he would? Of course not, but in a great time of 40:48:35, he has buckled in the most extreme running race in the world. This is a fabulous finish for a first time competitor!

His journey the last 30 miles took him through Lone Pine to Whitney Portal which in 13 miles is all uphill to 4,600 ft. finishing onto the Mt. Whitney Trailhead. Bob was among the greats of the ultra running world and it was nice to see him finish among those who ran in the Inaugural Keys 100 just a short two months ago.
Among those who have finished are Alisa Springman, Anita Fromm and Alan Geraldi!

We look forward to hearing the details of his 40 hour journey and be encouraged by the 'JUST DO IT' attitude that Bob seems to have 24/7!

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Bob Gentile said...

Sooo Awesome Bob you stud!!

Way to get it done and also hit your 40 hour Goal... CONGRATS!

Recover well my friend!

Lucas said...

I've hiked around furnace creek -- can't imagine running through it.

ZAIDIE said...

Yeah, Bob - I knew you could do it - what's your next challenge. You are indeed one helluva' guy.......Uncle Sid and Aunt Ev send their congrats and good wishes. You'll conquer anything you set out to do, for sure.

Meleah said...

Way to go, Poppy! I'm so proud of you, Dad; you're very inspiring. It was lots of fun watching your progress online and searching for pictures.
Lots of love,

ellief said...

WAY TO GO BOB!!!!! Awesome, Awesome - I'm so excited for you! Amazing time too - unreal! You're a beast! Rest up and take care of yourself - best wishes - ellie

Coach Bill said...

bob - awesome job - you are the man. congrats on a great race you did terrific.

Stan said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We knew you would do it, and we're so happy you achieved your goal. What's next??????
Love, Audrey and Stan

latorsoft said...

Bob you are awesome!! what an accomplishment. congratulations!!
Enjoy your recovery