Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Found Bob's Mug Shot!
In surfing Lisa Smith-Batchen's blog I found this great "before" shot! At http://lisasmithbatchen.blogspot.com/ you should also read about Badwater and if you scroll down a bit, has a nice blurb and video posting of Bob & Lisa!
This Badwater Shot taken before the race shows off Bob's always optimistic smile and excitement! We will post "During" and "After" photos as well, but wanted you to be reminded that Bob's challenge isn't just for athletic purposes but also to raise awareness and monies for Prostate Cancer. If you can support him financially, please do so now, as this is such an encouragement to the runners who run with a purpose. As they see the donations come in, it makes their efforts lighter and packed with energy. You can make a difference even in a small contribution. Don't forget to post a note to Bob here as well!


Anonymous said...

I just looked at some of the results - Great job Bob, way to buckle!! You said you were trying for 40 hours, that was just about on the money. Get some rest before the pizza party, and I'll see you back in Florida.

ZAIDIE said...

Bob - I'm so darn proud of you. Can you please pass on some of your energy and attitude to your old Uncle Sid.........

Ben said...

Bob - it looks like you did it! What a great accomplishment to achieve such a far reaching goal. You've been a great inspiration and motivator to many of us "recreational" runners. And we're just about all "recreational" in comparison to what you're doing.

I hope to see you "in the streets" in Ft. Lauderdale. We're looking forward to returning to the Keys 100.

Congratualtions - Have fun!