Saturday, August 1, 2015

What About Bob?

Bob is sleeping soundly after getting down from Mt. Whitney around 2 am. We will take this day to rest and let his body recover. I told Roger last night to wake me up if there are any serious problems- thinking kidneys and lungs, or any other vital thing.  Feet and brain we can deal with when he wakes up. 

No one woke me and all messages from the crew point to Bob's doing well, just needs sleep. I will leave him to sleep and we'll regroup once he wakes up and starts moving around. 

The double is hard enough on even the toughest athletes but here's where we have to take extra things into consideration: Bob is 70 years old. We all know he's nothing like a typical 70 year old but the reality of his body is this: while he's fitter than almost everyone of any age, his organs are 70 years old. And doing this sort of race taxes the body- not just the muscles, but the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and other parts like nothing else. So that's what we will keep in mind as we watch Bob's progress. His body needs a little longer time to recover than someone 30 years younger. 

So all is well here in Lone Pine, and I will update when we have a plan.

Ratched, out.

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