Saturday, August 1, 2015

Chill Pill

Bob is catching some ZZZZZs while the crew does the tourist thing, laundry, and shopping before the trek back across the Valley starting tomorrow. The priority today is plumping Bob back up to his usual self, he is a bit dehydrated and hungry but also sleep deprived. I'm threatening to use my medical kit (above) if he doesn't comply.

Looks like Bob chose the right day to summit Whitney because today there's some nasty-looking stuff happening up there.

This morning Bob chowed down on some French toast and a special mixture of electrolyte replacement salts. Mmmm...breakfast of champions. 

Marshall and Heather were very kind to donate additional food, drinks, and leftover supplies before they left town this morning. 

Tomorrow we will take this show on the road again. Until then, we're enjoying some therapeutic air conditioning. 

Ratched RN, out.

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