Friday, July 31, 2015

The Ratched Report...

Greetings friends and supporters of Bob! I apologize for the lack of posting but the desert is not full of cell phone towers and fiber optics we take for granted in the city. Just to fill you in, Bob finished the race yesterday in 41:30 which is hauling @$$...and feet looking better than ever...

After a long drawn out post race party last night, Bob finally got some sleep and woke up to start his trek up Mt. Whitney at 4 am with Marshall Ulrich and his crew members. The sky is cloudy today, but that cools things off, and we can see the summit from town, a few blue holes in the sky are encouraging. I feel confident that Bob is in the best of company in the world on this portion of the trip.

The crew did a fantastic job, over the top, of caring for Bob on the way here. Even though Kevin Grabowski, crew chief, begged and pleaded with me not to look at the van when I first arrived, by the time he allowed me to peek at it, there was no evidence of whatever he was hiding earlier. 

Marc Drautz, Beth Stone, and Roger Burruss made up the rest of the crew and Bob couldn't have been in better hands. 

Today we are talk a day of active rest and preparing for tomorrow's jaunt, beginning our return to Badwater. The biggest challenge for Bob, I think, will be distracting him from the constants - pain in his feet. As I told him, that's a given and the key is to focus on everything else around you. Without the rush, pressure, and fanfare of the race, we should have a fun and relaxing time on the way back. 

I will most likely be posting on Facebook from here on unless we have a stretch of solid wifi access, doubtful... So please feel free to check (Alene Nitzky on Facebook) and hopefully Suzanne will share to Bob's followers. 

Thanks for being Bob's supporters and fans. He is such a wonderful human being, it's an honor to be on his crew. From here it will be Ashley Heclo, Roger, Don Nelson, and me...with the shared goal of getting Bob to Badwater to celebrate this already amazing accomplishment! 

Ratched aka Alene Gone Bad, out.

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