Sunday, August 2, 2015

Beginning Again...

Bob is moving like a maniac down the Portal Road, standing up straight and tall thanks to Ashley's magic spa treatment yesterday. 

Ashley dropped Bob and Roger at the Portals this morning, and Bob got a surprise send-off by Bradford Lombardi, Scott Wall, and...wait for it...none other than the most famous Badwater family member of all, Ben Jones.

Needless to say Bob was extremely touched by the well-wishers and moral support as he starts the final leg of his journey.

I am crewing Bob and Roger on their way back down to Lone Pine, then we'll proceed with the full crew and caravan into the afternoon and evening across Owens Valley.

Internet connections will get harder to come by until we hit the Furnace Creek area in a few days. But I'll do my best to keep you posted. Again, Facebook is the easiest to share quickly, so check my page (alene nitzky) or Suzanne Becker's. 

It's a beautiful day for a run!

Ratched, out...